Israel Defense Forces thwart Iranian-backed drone attack against Israel

IDF thwarts attack against Israel. What’s next?

Late last week, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), launched a preemptive air strike on targets in Syria after uncovering intelligence of an imminent Iranian-backed drone attack against Israel.

According to intelligence, each of the multiple drones, operated by Iranian pilots, had the capabilities of carrying several kilograms of explosives.

Reports of the targeted, preemptive air strikes indicate the presence of Iranian Forces and Shiite militia troops, equipment and Iranian missiles at multiple sites.

Israel’s message was clear, Iran will not be allowed to run unchecked within the region.

In response to the successful air strikes, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said: “Iran has no immunity anywhere. Our forces are operating in every direction against the Iranian aggression. We will continue to work against Iran and its proxies with determination and responsibility for Israel’s security.”

And while Israel has every right to defend herself against the aggression of any enemy that seeks to wipe away her very existence, I want to caution us not to grow numb against such violent animosity.

The truth is, tensions within the region have never been higher. And yet, we’re not surprised at the reports of escalating tensions and threat. We’re not shocked by such evil and violence.

And we need God to move in our hearts now …

Because we simply can’t dismiss the terror being unleashed against Israel and her people with a casual, “That’s just how it is, and how it will always be …”

Just imagine for a moment, living your life in a constant state of uncertainty, concerned for your very life. Imagine the impact on your life if you were surrounded by people who hate you … simply because you exist.

This is the reality for the Jewish people in Israel — a constant state of tension, turmoil and uncertainty.

That’s why I never want to minimize the threats they face on a daily basis. And I never want to grow complacent in our efforts to support God’s people.

The only answer, and the greatest thing any of us can do, is to commit our lives and hearts to support the Jewish people.

First, we must pray for God to:

  1. Stir us with a new, fresh resolve and concern to stand with and support His people
  2. Protect His people from the enemies that surround them on all sides — whose hatred burns deep and hot, simply because they exist
  3. Give Israeli leaders wisdom, insight and discernment as they make moves and lead initiatives to defend themselves
  4. Change the hearts of Israel’s enemies — to move them away from hatred and animosity
  5. Open eyes and hearts of the Jewish people, and their neighbors, to experience and encounter Yeshua, the Messiah, the “Prince of Peace”

Second, give a generous gift to support the Jewish people

As Believers in Yeshua, we have an obligation to stand with the Jewish people. To expose the lies. To stand for truth.

And because I know you have a tremendous love for the Jewish people, I pray you’d demonstrate that love and put it into action by giving a generous gift of support now.

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